American Shaman Kava Bar, Fayetteville, AR

American Shaman Kava Bar, Fayetteville, AR

The one and only nakamal in Northwest Arkansas!

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Come try our kava; CBD, D8, and D10 cocktails; beer; cold-brew coffee; and other specialty drinks while shopping our wide selection of Kava, CBD or Delta-8, Delta-10, or HHC products!

We’re located right off Dickson Street in the Metro Shopping District of Fayetteville, Arkansas :
509 W Spring St. Suite 225, Fayetteville, AR

Store Hours:
Mon-Thurs: 11AM-8PM, Fri-Sat: 11AM–11PM, Sun: 12PM–6PM

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Shop Kava, CBD, Delta-8 and more!

Have you heard of Kava, CBD, and Delta-8?

Kava is a tea made from the root of a pepper plant from the South Pacific Islands, used medicinally and socially for centuries, to ease anxiety, reduce tension, and support restful sleep.

CBD and Delta-8 are cannabinoids derived from the hemp plant, which can aid the body in achieving a state of wellness and relaxation.

American Shaman Kava Bar offers unique and delicious ways to try them all!

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Club 509: A Dickson Street Alternative

Club 509 at the Kava Bar is a room like you’ve never experienced before. Soak in the local mural art while relaxing with recreational games, offering billiards, ping pong, darts, and more! ($5/hr per person to use tables). Live local comedy shows and open mic events every week!

Ask us about reserving Club 509 for your next event.

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About Us

What is the American Shaman Kava Bar?

CBD Products, Kava, Beverages, & More!

We specialize in Kava, CBD, Delta-8, Delta-10, and HHC products; hand-crafted kava, CBD, D8, and D10 cocktails; and more!

Bask in the relaxing tropical-themed environment while sipping a bowl of Kava, a cold beer from our local breweries, or one of our signature drinks like hot lattes, speciality CBD and D8 cocktails, sparkling seltzers, and organic ciders. Click to see our full Kava Bar menu.

Come experience Club 509! Go through the ultraviolet portal and enter a chill relaxing atmosphere surrounded by the work of local and regional mural artists, with recreational games like billiards, ping pong, and darts at just $5/hr per person. Come laugh at our weekly comedy shows or perform at our open mic events!

Don’t miss our First Friday’s Art Events! The first Friday of each month, join us for the opening reception of a new art exhibit featuring a local or regional artist. Check our events page to see what’s coming up next!

Our mission is wellness for all, which is why we decided to make a one-stop destination for all your wellness needs.
Come in to see what we’re all about!


509 W Spring St, Suite 225 Fayetteville, AR

Located in the Metro Shopping District, just steps from The Walton Arts Center, Theatre Squared, and Dickson Street.

Store Hours:
Mon-Thurs: 11am-8pm,
Fri-Sat: 11am-11pm
Sun: 12pm-6pm

Kava Drinks; CBD, D8, & D10 Cocktails; Hot Lattes; Local Craft Beers, and More…Try Them All!

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Our Kava Bar menu may surprise you–
dive in to check out what unique offerings we have for you to come try, and see which local favorites we have on tap!

About the American Shaman Hemp Franchise

We are experts in a growing field. Our CBD is processed with patented nanotechnology that breaks down the cannabidiol, a fatty lipid, to the molecular level. This puts it into its most bioactive state, producing 90-100% absorption. Delivery time to your cells is a matter of seconds, not hours. All other CBD manufacturers’ products deliver approximately 10% bioavailability in their hemp oil tinctures. In house chemists conduct lab testing for quality assurance.
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Call: (479) 387-5484
Facebook: American Shaman Kava Bar
Instagram: American Shaman Kava Bar



Kava / CBD / Delta-8

What are Kava, CBD, and Delta-8?

Relax and Heal

What is Kava?

Kava is a tea made from the root of a pepper plant from the South Pacific Islands, used medicinally and socially for centuries, to ease anxiety, reduce tension, and support restful sleep.

We offer three varieties of Noble Kava: a “heady” tea to boost your mood, a “heavy” tea to relax your body, and a “balanced” tea for the best of both effects.

Try a bowl at the Kava Bar today, or bring home a bag to mix your own!

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CBD and Delta-8

CBD and Delta-8 products are becoming more and more popular as we move into the future of wellness, but what are they and how do they work?

Phytocannabinoids derived from the hemp plant, such as cannabidiol (CBD) and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), can aid the body by activating the endocannabinoid system, which helps achieve stability and maintain health throughout the body.

Delta-8 THC tends to provide more of a psychotropic effect than CBD, but less than the standard Delta-9 THC found in “regular marijuana”. CBD is said to be non-psychoactive while still providing positive physiological effects.

Extracts of CBD and Delta-8 are used in vapes, drops, edibles, flower, and more to help with nausea, anxiety, appetite, pain, and cellular health.

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First Friday’s Art Events

First Friday’s Art Events

CURRENT SHOW : December 1 – January 4
Vivid Living” by Catherine Goenner

NEXT SHOW : January 5 – February 1

Showcasing Local Arts

A new art show opening on the first Friday of every month, featuring rotating exhibits of local and regional artists. Come to the reception on opening night to meet the artist and experience the Kava Bar at its best with live DJ, food, and wine!

(Pictured: Artist Catherine Goenner, First Fridays December 2023)

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(Pictured: Art by Compost Pile, First Friday September 2021)

Club 509

Club 509

Experience Club 509, the cool new space in the back area of American Shaman Kava Bar. Come laugh with us a comedy show, perform at one of our weekly open mic events, soak in the chill atmosphere adorned with murals by local Sprayetteville street artists, and kick back with a Kava Bar beverage while enjoying recreational games like billiards, ping pong, darts, and more!

($5/hr per person to use tables)

Ask us about reserving Club 509 for your next event!

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