American Shaman Kava Bar


Relax and Heal

Our American Shaman Hemp location in Fayetteville, AR, is unique in that it offers a full-scale Kava Bar, in addition to the wide variety of CBD products that are always available at any American Shaman retail store and online e-commerce website.

Come in to shop our premium CBD selection, enjoy a bowl of Kava, or try any of our other speciality Kava Bar drinks!


What is Kava??

Kava Tea is made from the powdered root of the pepper plant (piper mythisticum) grown in the South Pacific Islands. It has been used medicinally, ceremonially, and socially for centuries. Kava may be beneficial in easing anxiety, reducing body tension, and supporting a good night’s sleep… Learn more

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Guide to CBD

Phytocannabinoids, such as CBD derived from industrial hemp, can assist the body’s state of health and wellness by enhancing naturally occurring endocannabinoids. American Shaman CBD Hemp Oil is a powerful phytocannabinoid that has been shown to have a potentially wide range of medicinal applications, without any known side effects… Learn more

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