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To make a difference in our communities, in the face of the current pandemic crisis, we started producing three medical grade virus & bacteria killing products: Shaman Hand Sanitizer, Hand Cleansing Gel, and Cleansing Wash Spray. At first we gave these away to First Responders but now we’re proud to announce they’re available for retail to address the current shortages in the market!


We offer 3 medical-grade sanitizers to help flatten the curve in this public health crisis :

• Shaman Hand Sanitizer
• Shaman Hand Cleansing Gel
• Shaman Cleansing Wash Spray


Shaman Hand Sanitizer

Our Hand Sanitizer is made with Isopropyl Alcohol (75%) or Ethyl Alcohol (80%), the industry standard, in concentrations required by the FDA’s newer regulations. Unlike the Shaman Cleansing Wash Spray, which has a water-like consistency, the Hand Sanitizer is a thicker gel-like product more similar to what consumers expect. Available in 4oz, 8oz, & 1 gallon containers.


Shaman Hand Cleansing Gel

Shaman Hand Cleansing Gel is made with the active ingredient, Hypochlorous Acid (HOCl), a non-toxic & eco-friendly, medical grade disinfectant. Our Cleansing Gel is extremely effective as a hand sanitizer. Some people are sensitive to the alcohol in hand sanitizers. This product is a great alternative for people with skin sensitivities. With natural moisturizers & lavender essential oil for added skin protection, our gel allows for continual use of the product, without the drying of alcohol-based hand sanitizers. Available in 4oz, 8oz, & 1 gallon containers.


Shaman Cleansing Wash Spray

Shaman Cleansing Wash Spray is made with the active ingredient, Hypochlorous Acid (HOCl), a non-toxic & eco-friendly medical grade disinfectant, produced by our own white blood cells to kill viruses and bacteria. HOCl production & distribution has been increased to counteract supply issues with other, less effective, products. It is approved by the FDA, CDC & the EPA as a disinfectant cleanser. Shaman Cleansing Wash Spray is safe to use on your hands and is an extremely effective spray, for killing viruses and bacteria on all hard surfaces, counters, door knobs & bathrooms. It’s commonly used in hospital settings to disinfect rooms, & in food preparation (including directly on food). Available in 4oz & 1 gallon containers.


We’re confident American Shaman can help ensure your safety in these troubled times.


Be well,
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