What is Kava?

What is Kava?

A Natural Relaxant

Kava Tea is made from the powdered root of the pepper plant (piper mythisticum) grown in the South Pacific Islands. It has been used medicinally, ceremonially, and socially for centuries. Kava may be beneficial in easing anxiety, reducing body tension, and supporting a good night’s sleep. Drink our fresh batched Noble Kava for social relaxation to calm your mind and body, naturally.

We offer only premium quality, certified Noble Kava, sourced directly from indigenous small farmers throughout the South Pacific. This ensures our kava to be of the highest quality available and your kava experience to be the best it can be.

Come in to American Shaman Kava Bar and kick back with a fresh bowl of kava at the bar, or take away a bag of powdered kava to enjoy at home.

There are three varieties of Noble Kava, each with its own effect.

Heady Kava

Tongan Pouni Ono makes you feel happier, clearer, more energetic, and possibly euphoric. It is ideal for drinking during the day as it boosts your mood and makes you more sociable.

Heavy Kava

Vanuatu Borongoru relaxes your muscles and body as well as your mind. It can make you feel sleepy and is best for evening consumption.

Balanced Kava

Vanuatu Borogu has an equal mix of heady and heavy effects, and is recommended for consumption anytime.

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This product is not intended to diagnose, prevent, treat, or cure any disease and has not been evaluated by the FDA. Excessive consumption may impair one’s ability to drive or operate heavy equipment. Not recommended for pregnant or nursing women. Ask a healthcare professional before use if you have or have had liver problems, frequently use alcohol, or are taking any medication.

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